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What To Do If You Have the Flu - After the First 48 hours

If you are a reasonably healthy person, and you followed the recommendations in the previous articles, you should be starting to feel better after the first 48 hours. If this is the case, just keep doing what you are doing until your symptoms are gone, plus one day.

If, after the first 48 hours, you are not clearly getting better, or, you are getting worse, you need more than the simple tips provided in this article.

Influenza is not a condition to be taken lightly. There are real risks of complications, particularly pneumonia, if you don’t treat yourself appropriately. Even though the risk of pneumonia is greatest in the very young, the very old, and those with other health conditions, previously healthy adults can also get pneumonia. Complications from pneumonia is the reason for most mortality from the flu.

When to Get Help

If you are not starting to get better after the first 48 hours, or, you are getting worse, you need more help than can be provided in these articles. The addition of more specific herbal formulas, more potent vitamins, or the appropriate homeopathic remedy is required. Please call, make an appointment and come in so we can make a more specific treatment plan for you. In most cases, the addition of more potent remedies, taken in a timely manner, is all that will be needed to turn your situation around.

Below are some general guidelines for sample situations. Please use your own judgement.

If at any point your fever goes over 104F (40C), go to the ER. You likely have more than the flu.

If you are struggling to breath, feeling really tight in the chest, have chest pain, breathing rapidly or panting, go to the ER.

If you are coughing so much you can’t sleep, you need a specific treatment for your lungs. Call the clinic to make an appointment. The right herbs or homeopathic treatment will effectively treat your cough in most cases.

If your lips are looking blue, go to the ER.

When to Get Help for Children and Teens – For children or teens, seek help for any of the situations listed above, PLUS

If your child is under 6 months and has any fever, go to the ER.

If your child has vomiting for more than a day, or has diarrhea for more than 2 days, or fever for more than 3 days, call our clinic, your medical clinic or the nurses hot line.

If your child refuses to drink anything, has dark urine (or no urine), sunken eyes or cries without tears, go to the ER. Your child needs IV fluids.

If your child suddenly develops a stiff neck, or a skin rash with a fever, go to the ER immediately.


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