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Our Medicine

Naturopathic medicine strives to help every person achieve and maintain the best health possible.   By addressing the underlying causes of ill health, and choosing the best treatment options for each individual, we work with each patient to restore balance and improve health.  We believe that everyone can benefit from naturopathic health care, so are committed to treating people of all ages, and with acute or chronic conditions.  We also work with people interested in optimizing their health or preventing future health problems.  Naturopathic physicians have a wide variety of gentle, yet effective tools which restore balance with minimal side effects, including nutritional & lifestyle counselling, herbal medicine, homeopathy, drainage therapy and lifestyle counselling. 

Dr. Dawson and Dr. Yu offer naturopathic medicine for the entire family and are trained to diagnose and treat a full range of acute and chronic health concerns.  Using extensive history taking, physical exam, and lab tests, they strive to help you discover and correct the root cause or contributing factors to your health concerns.  They will work with you, step by step, to help you improve and maintain your health.

For more information about the practice of naturopathic medicine, visit the following association websites: 

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